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Roller Crimpers & Crop Rollers


You care for your soil. You wake up every day and tend to your crops like they were your children. It kills you to spray harsh chemicals to terminate cover crops, but it’s the only way to keep them from competing with your cash crops.

Isn’t it?


No. There’s a better way. Roller crimpers and crop rollers can almost completely eliminate the need for spraying chemicals. It’s also more efficient because you can accomplish your goal of terminating your cover crop while suppressing invasive weeds and grasses and planting your crops all at once.


Rollers are better for your fields because they:

  • Reduce your need for chemicals by killing crops mechanically

  • Improve soil health

  • Result in higher yields

  • Increase your profits

  • Reduce competition with cash crops

  • Increase harvestability of cash crops


How Do Cover Crop Roller Crimpers Work?


The secret is in the roller crimper’s chevron crimping pattern of blunt blades. Every eight inches, a blade comes down onto the stems of the cover crop and “crimps” them.


This process can kill up to 100% of the cover crop if done correctly. Progressive  Ag Innovations’ roller crimpers and crop rollers can be filled with water to increase their weight for a higher crimp force, which improves their effectiveness.


Depending on your technique and the types of cover crops you’re trying to eliminate, you can end up reducing your number of herbicide passes or eliminating them altogether.


For farmers who are growing entirely organically or who would like to, using a cover crop roller crimper will give you an unprecedented level of control over your cover crop termination.


The rollers work to suppress weeds and other unwanted plants by forming a mulch barrier. In the summer, this barrier helps reduce hot soil temperatures and conserve soil moisture. The result is decreased soil erosion and higher levels of organic matter.


Roller Crimper Features


Progressive Ag Innovation offers quality and flexibility with our rollers. You can expect long-lasting performance with little maintenance and a wide variety of features.

Sizes Range from 6’ to 61’


Not every farm is created equal, and a roller that would be perfectly sized for one farm may be too large or small for the next. That’s why Progressive Ag Innovation offers multiple roller sizes to tow behind your tractor, from 6 feet wide all of the way up to 61 feet wide.

Multiple Flex Section Frames


Once you get up to one of our 8-row crimpers (21.5 feet) and wider, they can fold up for easier storage, thanks to their multiple flex section frames. In fact, if you needed to for any reason, you could run one of our wider crimpers with some sections folded up for a narrower track.

Chevron Crimping Pattern


An effective zig-zagging chevron pattern reduces bouncing and ensures smooth operation through your field, and the pitch of the blades is at the perfect angle for cover crop destruction. They’re precision-engineered, and you can expect them to work every time.

Water Fillable Drums


Rather than make our roller crimpers a specific set weight, we give you the option of filling them with water. This adjustability allows you to add weight in dry conditions or decrease weight if they are digging too deep into the soil. You can get your rollers right into the sweet spot and terminate cover crops without damaging cash crops.

USA-Made Components


Not only are you supporting your friends and neighbors, but you’re getting the quality you want with exclusively USA-made parts. We select our tools carefully because we know you do, too.

Towing Options


Depending on the size of roller you choose, you can tow with a CAT I or II 3 point hitch or, once you step up to the 8-row (21 foot) roller, expect to be pulling a trailer unit.


Once you’re up to our  31 foot wide rollers, you’ll have the option of a 2 point hitch or a drawbar hitch.  31’, 41’, and 61’ models are available in narrow tow (NT) options. Trailer light packages are available for 8-row rollers and wider.


The Parallel Arm Kit


If you need to repair your planter’s worn-out parallel arms and bushings, our parallel arm kit will not only give you the fix you need but drastically improve functionality.


Why? Our parallel arm kit trades bushings for more efficient, smoother bearings. Installation is a do-it-yourself affair, no need for an expert’s touch. It’s really that easy. Our parallel arm kit is compatible with John Deere, CaseIH, Kinze, and other brands’ planters.


Saber Wheels


You can expect our saber wheels to move smoothly through the soil and our AR 500 backward angled spike pattern won't wrap up in cover crops. Our wheels are designed to fracture the sidewall, which reduces sidewall compaction. As they run, they stitch the trench shut, preventing it from opening up.


Our saber wheels are compatible with many brands of planters, such as John Deere, CaseIH, Kinze, White, Great Plains, and more. The wheels are sold as rings that insert into an existing closing wheel, meaning you don’t have to purchase an entire wheel to get the benefits of our saber wheels.


Who Is Progressive Ag Innovation?


In 2020, when the pandemic was slowing down the world, twin brothers Austin and Justin Petry were just getting started. Their grandfather had always taught them that if they “take care of the land, it will take care of you.”


This idea resonated with the brothers, and they believed that the best care for the land they could provide would be to reduce or even eliminate the need for chemicals and herbicides.


After looking at commercial rollers available in 2016, they realized the ones available wouldn’t cut it on the rolling hills where they lived in Kansas. So in 2017, they designed and built their own.


Their passion for the land, their never-quit attitude, and their commitment to refinement are what they’re offering to you today. With Progressive Ag Innovation, you get a roller-crimper for cover crops that works faster and more efficiently, with a design that speaks to deep engineering experience.


The brothers finally had the roller-crimper they needed to take care of the land, and now they’re here to help you take care of yours. You can watch our rollers in action to see how they work via the YouTube link on our product page.

Progressive Ag Innovation Works with You


When you come to us for one of our crop rollers, you’re not just getting a crop roller you’re getting Austin and Justin’s direct knowledge and experience to make sure you’re making the right choice for your farm.


To ensure you’re getting the best performance out of your roller-crimper, we’ll consult with you to determine which specs make the most sense for your land and application. Every year we’re testing and evaluating our equipment to make sure it’s meeting expectations and see if there are any areas where further development is needed.

Custom Options

Let’s say you don’t see a roller from  Progressive Ag Innovation that’s a perfect fit. Remember how the brothers made their own roller after they couldn’t find an off-the-shelf solution? That option’s on the table for you. We want to make sure your crop rollers are exactly what you need for your situation.


We can also provide you with a custom roller kit if you want to build your own set of rollers out of existing equipment. Just talk to us about what equipment you want to use, and we’ll spec out the kit to work seamlessly with the parts you have.


Getting a roller-crimper for cover crops is the best way we’ve found so far to save time and reduce herbicide use, and you can bet that Progressive Ag Innovation will go the extra mile to help you get one that is a perfect fit for your farm.

Constantly Innovating


Our name is Progressive Ag Innovation — not because it’s catchy, but because it describes who we are. We innovate! Our team is constantly developing new solutions to problems, and we want to create the most efficient, cost-effective, profitable way to grow crops possible.


You’ll see new products, new designs, and refinements of old products on our site from time to time. Remember that old line, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”? We’d rather live by, “if it’s not perfect, get closer.”


In other words, we want you to have the best cover crop solution. Your soil and your land are important to all of us.


Every farmer wakes up in the morning ready to grow another crop, and those crops become the food we eat and the products we use. If Progressive Ag Innovation can be a part of that noble cycle of creation and consumption alongside you, then we’ve done our job.

Visit Us


If you want to see firsthand how we design and make the roller crimpers you use, we’d love to have you. The more farmers who come to see this great solution for cover crops, the fewer herbicides that will need to be sprayed onto the ground.


We believe you’ll be thrilled with your crop roller, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Just contact us to make an appointment, and you can see the benefits they offer for yourself.

Contact Progressive Ag Innovation


When you’re ready to roll with your own rollers, we’re ready to hook you up. You’ll find that our roller crimpers destroy the competition’s rollers in design, durability, and effectiveness.


Not that we think our competitors make a bad product — far from it. We just know the blood, sweat, and tears that have been poured into our designs as we seek to make them the best rollers possible. Our roller crimpers aren’t just a product; they’re a way to take care of your land.


Call or email Progressive Ag Innovation today to inquire about how you can get one of these incredible pieces of equipment for your farm. Whether you need rollers, parallel-arm kits, saber wheels, or some custom solution, we’re excited to talk to you!

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