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Aout Our Family-Owned Business

Progressive Ag Innovation is an American company which engineers and manufactures agricultural equipment.  Located in Centralia, KS, a small rural farm community in Northeast Kansas the company focuses on “Engineering Ag Solutions for Tomorrow’s Farming”.

Founded in 2020 Progressive Ag Innovation was started by twin brothers Austin and Justin Petry of Centralia.   Austin brings over 15 years of design engineering experience in agricultural and industrial manufacturing.  Justin has over 10 years engineering experience in manufacturing.   Together they have over 20 years farming experience. 


Taking up farming in 2008 the brothers will never forget one important lesson their grandfather instilled in them “take care of the land and it will take care of you”.   With their grandfather passing shortly after taking on the farm they often thought about that saying.  In 2013 they made a commitment to that and started their venture into cover crops.  Being engineers they quickly saw the need for a change in equipment.   The roller crimper was first on the list.   They needed one that could cover a lot of ground quickly and follow the contours of the rolling Kansas hills.  With nothing commercially available they set out to design their own.  They build their first roller crimper in 2017, made from a John Deere planter frame, which generated a large following and eventually led to the business being started.  Today they manufacture roller crimpers ranging from 6 foot to 61 foot and planter attachments specifically designed to work in cover crops.  New products to help farmers protect their soil and manage their cover crops are constantly being developed. 

Our primary goal is to help farmers protect their soil all while improving their bottom line.  From all of us at Progressive Ag Innovation we want to say thank you for the opportunity!

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